HealthRevue is a text application to help your business build more reviews.
HealthRevue is a text messaging program to request reviews from your customers. You create an account for your business and then add phone numbers of your customers to send a quick message requesting for review.
You can sync your account to Google Plus, Facebook and HealthSoul.
When you upload your customer data, the only information stored in our database is patient name and mobile number. Once the text message is sent the patient data is archived on the server.
HealthRevue does not advertise to your customers or patients. Per our Terms and Regulations, it is against the law for us to share patient data of one business with another business.
You can use free account for up to 1 year as long as you don’t cross your monthly limit of text messages.
In your left side panel go to Settings, click on Billing and upgrade your Free Account to Premium by filling out the form.
You can do this in Settings and request upgrade from Free Account to Premium by filling out the Billing information.
Account set up is very easy on HealthRevue and our customer service team is there to help you with the whole process.
This can be scheduled per your convenience – immediately after the patient visit or to multiple patients in bulk at the end of the day.